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 In Sápmi we do not limit presentations of our history and traditions to museums and galleries. Traditional knowledge and skills are still used and passed on to the next generation. Through storytelling, music and handicraft we create living history. To experience our traditional work is to travel back in time. Whether you are interested in handicrafts, cuisine or traditional design our cultural heritage is still practiced and easy to enjoy.  

Of course, we do have museums and other cultural centres. The most important one is Ájtte Fjäll- och Samemuseum located in Jokkmokk. It's open year round. In summer time the botanical garden with plants from the mountains is well worth a visit. It is designed and managed by Sámi. There are a number of museums in Sweden that display Sámi culture and history. But often we find that the museums objectify our culture or interpret it in a way we don’t recognize as our culture.

In Inari Finnish Sápmi Siida - the Sámi National Museum - for the Sámi is located in Finland.

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