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Njarka Sameläger

Njarka Sameläger

Photo: Kalle Jonasson


In Kall Sameby by Lake Häggsjön west of Åre you will find Njarka Sameläger. It is a well established reindeer farm and Sámi cultural place run and owned by the Sámi family Mattias and Maud Mattsson. They offer close meetings with reindeers, information about reindeers, herding, traditional values and techniques, Sámi food and more. They also have huts and Sámi accommodation. You can use their boats on the lake for sightseeing and fishing. They also rent out fishing cottages in the mountains.  In their Sámi lavvús they have handicraft and design exhibitions. They also sell Sámi handicraft.   


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Njarka Sameläger has a long tradition of informing the public and tourists about the Sámi. They are important ambassadors for Sápmi because of the great number of visitors that come every year, often for a day excursion from nearby Åre Ski resort (the largest in Northern Europe) or as main attraction for a visit in the region. Also, school children and others from the region visit Njarka when they want to know more about Sámi culture. Owners are reliable and knowledgeable in Sámi history, culture and way of life. They work unrelentingly to create respect and interest in reindeer herding and Sámi way of life. Mattias is a reindeer herder.

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