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What criteria apply for the Sápmi Experience Quality Mark?

What criteria apply for the Sápmi Experience Quality Mark?

Ethical criteria ensure that the company conducts its activities in an ethical manner in relation to the Sámi people, reindeer herding, other Sámi businesses and in regard to all other matters connected with the Sámi living environment. Ethical criteria also include taking responsibility for local development and supporting local companies. It is important that the company is familiar with the culture, nature and living conditions of the Sámi people, and that it has the ability to convey this knowledge to visitors.


Service criteria demonstrate the company’s professionalism in regard to tourism activities – its ability to host visitors, its knowledge, and its ability to deliver. Service criteria also ensure that the company markets itself credibly and runs a professional operation. One of the most important aspects of this is that the company can effectively manage safety issues and has procedures in place for preventing and dealing with accidents.


Sustainability criteria ensure that the tourism has no negative impact on the Sápmi living environment. These criteria include templates for creating effective management plans for tourism and the environment.



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